Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 18 Exhibition day 5

Very quiet day at the gallery. And the first day where I didn't sell anything. Still, found plenty of time for dotting! moved onto the coloured star on the front of my jumper.

Now speak to any exhibiting artist and you'll tails of the "I'll be back later in the week" guy. Someone who shows incredibly enthusiastic attention to your work but is in a hurry, so will come back later in the week  giving you the impression that he/she intends to but I'm always excited and fall for the same old story only to be disappointed when they don't show up. today I had a man who showed similar enthusiasm, but stated he was a supplier of goods to some of the shops in the he left he told me he'd be back later in the week...then he said an odd thing. He recommended that I double the prices on all my work!...curious...this was after he learned that I'm the only practitioner of full colour Hyperpointillist works in the country! again i'm not expecting anything, but I have been praying for the right person to come along who can help me marketing my work!

I'll let you know what if anything happens with this chap...but don't hold your breath!


Devil Mood said...

I hate it when people make promises and then don't keep them at all. But the man may have a point about the prices. I don't know how much you're selling them for and it might not even even apply to this case but sometimes we're more suspicious of things when we find them cheap or accessible. When the price is very high, we'll either run away because we don't have the money, or assume that it's a quality thing we're buying. Again, it doesn't always work ;)

Niall young said...

you're right...a few others have said similar things to you i'll see what changes I can make for the next exhibition.