Thursday, April 04, 2013

Preparing for exhibition...Thursday. I am....on the eve of my return to exhibition circuit. Whilst I feel peaceful about it...I feel as if I'm taking a step of faith. I have no real expectations as to what will happen during the the past I've been a commercial disaster area....a let down to my family and myself. I've been guilty of having given up hope of making a success of my business and abandoning my dream. So to put myself back into the spotlight this time , i would be forgiven for feeling a certain amount of trepidation...and you'd be correct in that assumption!
This feels it feels  like a new beginning for me in some can read about how things turn out until tomorrow night, I'll say goodbye....

above you can see a selection of the very important tools of my trade...!


Devil Mood said...

Good luck! And I hope your son's interview went well!