Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 20. Exhibition day 7

I honestly can't believe it's been a whole week since I initially set up for my show in Cromford. I'm feeling pretty tired now having talked so much. Don't get me wrong, meeting people, talking about what I do ...why I do it is fun...I get to meet so many diverse people. for instance today almost immediately as I arrived to open the gallery at 10 am I was introduced to twelve Malaysian engineers! Wonderful people who all queued up to have their photos taken with man even asked me for my autograph! Then I was 'invaded' by eight gorgeous French women! Was turning into a very international day by lunchtime!
One thing that is a constant are the amount of families with young children...I love to demonstrate what i'm working on and show people the technique I use, which you'll be surprised to learn is not always understood by those who wander in, have a look and wander back out again. Children on the other hand are inquisitive, and whilst their parents hover at a distance, they come in close to have a look and ask questions. Parents will then follow...I love seeing their eyes widen as I tell of my experiences and stories! 
I'm also struck by people's understanding and concept of what an artist is. On the BBC at the moment is a series called something like 'so what do artists do all day?'...I watched one episode last night which featured Jack Vetriano... very enlightening! I think people often gain their understanding from school art history lessons or else Hollywood bio-pics featuring Kirk Douglas as Renoir...or else they think an artist is a sort of airheaded dreamer who has wafted through life in a whimsical ignorance of what real work is all about.( that is actually probably true in some cases!)...( but not me obviously!!!)..they look a little shocked when they ask how I price my work and include the fact that it's been responsible for where I find myself in life at the moment ( see yesterday for more explanation!) fantastic week! and still two more days to go. I've sold more than any other exhibition I've done and will hopefully sell more over what promise to be two very busy days. See you tomorrow with more !