Monday, April 29, 2013

Strange Rib Tree - finished. Sad news today.

Strange Rib Tree.(2013)
10 x 7 cm.

Sometimes sadness, bereavement come along unexpectedly...and stamp their coldness all over your day. Today was such a day. working on the finishing touches to my new minipic, a letter was delivered telling me that an old very good friend of the family had recently died. Anna (far right in the photo below taken at my wedding in 1984) was  a very dear friend. Both Jan and I separately and together had visited Anna in her home town of Southampton and then later when she moved and then married Peter to live on the Isle of Wight. Anna would also visit us in Derby and became friends with many of our friends...many who can be seen in the photo. 

We'd remained in touch over the years, and always thought we'd meet up again...but that is now not to be.It leaves me feeling helpless in many ways, regretful of all the times I could have written...visited...all the forgotten Christmas and Birthday cards never sent.

I'll never forget my lovely friend...I'll never forget.