Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The final five. No more minipix!

It does happen...and it happens on a regular basis...what am i talking about? Dissatisfaction is what! you'd think with someone like me who is gifted/cursed with almost endless patience would never get dissatisfied. but you'd be wrong, I'm actually fed up with these minipics. Which is a bit of a problem because I've discovered over the last month that they're quite popular and sell well! I see I'm going to have to do more at some point, but to be honest, they don't reflect or ignite the passion I feel for my bigger more complex symbolic pieces. but i have to face one is going to pay thousands of pounds for those, and I need to to earn money. So minipics it is! I think you'll have to wait quiet some time before I return to these little beggers!


Devil Mood said...

haha it's funny that you get fed up with these small pieces but you are able to persist with the big ones for weeks on end. It really must be the question of feeling more motivated to create the more complex ones.

Niall young said...

:D I haven't thought of it in quite that way...funny! It's because of the repetitive subjects and the smallness of the pieces. Being absolutely honest, they are a money making venture....and whilst people continue to buy them, i'll continue to make them! :)