Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 23

What a strange day! Actually I'm getting used to 'little adventures'...unexpected things that occur during the day. but nothing really happened today. My pictures hang in a gallery where I'm not, something that I've not really experienced before. It's a little like having my children away on a sleep over or a school camp. No...strike that!'s like having my children go away to war! ( remember I told you I'm prone to over dramatising things?)...but today I heard that one of my 'children' will not be coming home. Yes, one of my pictures was sold at the pop- up gallery they're staying at! but unlike a heartbroken mother weeping over a half unexpected telegram , I'm really pleased! To have sold last week was good, but this means so much more, because a stranger has liked my work without the charming me being there! It has been bought on it's own merit! Maybe there is a future in this after all!

I also did s bit of dotting on the's a closer look!


Devil Mood said...

hahaha you made me laugh, Niall!