Saturday, April 13, 2013

Exhibition day 8!

Returning to the exhibition circuit has been a big deal for find myself planning, organising, setting up, running and selling the public show of my work has been all my own work..... but actually has it really? To be honest, a lot of it was, but the thing that has made everything function well has been the love and support of a few dear and valued friends who probably don't realise the impact they have made on me, and the support I have felt...not all of these people have been to my show, but for those who have made the journey, given the right words...sat, knitted, drank tea with me, listened to my stories  and made me smile, and even in a couple of instances made me cry! (in a good way!) your love, presence and encouragement has helped confirm in my mind that i'm doing the right thing, that my talent and my gifting is being put to good use!

I'll probably be more effusive tomorrow when I finish my week and my show, but for now, a big big thank you to those who have're like gold!


Devil Mood said...

That mug goes so well with your colourful sweaters!
Good luck for the last day!