Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 21 Exhibition day 9 ( the last day)

I'm not a fan of last days of exhibitions...whilst I really should be feeling elated by the success of the week, the reality is that i'm tired, and in need of extended sleep. In the past I've found the return to my usual routine difficult...previously I worked entirely in isolation, hardly ever seeing friends and growing ever more unsocial, becoming depressed, drinking too much and generally being a high blood pressured grumpy so and so made me very difficult to live with...even I found myself unbearable to live with! ...of course, i'm a very different person these days!!

Tonight, i'm just tired...tomorrow, after a well deserved lie in, I've got to drive back to the gallery to take my work down, I've also planned to resume my usual running route. I've got to select work for next weekend when my work will be for sale at a pop up gallery in the Park Farm shopping centre in Allestree,  Derby. I also have to plan for the Willington Art festival in a few weeks...I need to create a new series on minipix to sell.

As I've mentioned many times before during this week, I'm very grateful for all the support shown by friends and relatives in the run up and during my exhibition. For those who've purchased my work and those who've commissioned me to produce future artwork. I feel incredibly fortunate to know so many wonderful people...a big thank you if you came to see me.. :)


Jeanette said...

Congratulations on what sounds to be a successful exhibition and lots more in the pipeline.

I find it takes a lot out of me to do an exhibit, its exhausting on many levels and afterwards I need to lock myself away from people and interruptions before I'm ready to communicate visually or verbally with the world again.

Good luck in all you do for the future, you deserve all the recognition you can get.

Niall young said...

Thanks Jeanette...:)