Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 17 - Exhibition day 4.

I tried to encapsulate the theme of today...not sure what it was really. I had a lot fewer visitors through the door...now please don't misunderstand me, bodies through the door doesn't equate to the amount of  sales...usually I find more sales are made when times are quiet. Much to a certain person's annoyance, I still state that 'the money' is not the most important part of me exhibiting my work. Of course it is important in the scheme of family life and taking my responsibility to providing for my family....and we do have an overdraft the size of a small country ( bit of an exaggeration there !) but times are very tough for us. My aim is to share my passion for my work and it's process, and to enable visitors at my show to enjoy seeing my work in a comfortable non pressurised environment with good lighting and nice music...and I aim to answer all questions as if it's the first time I'm hearing it...Questions like: " I bet you have to have a lot of patience?" ..."how long does it take you to do one picture?"...." how many dots are in a picture?"..."do you suffer from repetitive strain injuries?"..."where do you get your ideas from?" ..."What got you started with the dotting?" etc.....The result this week is that I've earned more in the first three days of this exhibition than I've ever done in any of the previous ones. I'm feeling really blessed!

Of course the lower visitor numbers meant that I could spend a little more time working on my picture. Slowly extending the dark of the jumper down to where it meets the star pattern. hopefully I'll start work on the star tomorrow.