Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 35

I have hair!! seems ages since I last posted here. So much has happened since last time...not least of which was ( for me ) probably one of the best Wimbledon finals weekends ever. I had two of my favourite Ladies in the final which was won by French number one, Marion Bartoli, and of course Andy Murray became the first British winner of the men's title for 77 years! what a great time I had!! 

I've also been in hospital for a planned operation from which i'm recovering well. spending time working has beeen the one thing I've been able to do, so I've put time in to give the back ground a little more substance. the photo below shows the ares immediately behind me over my shoulders is mad up of a graded layer of  purple then red and then light blue. The overall density of this area will be adjusted at a later date as will the addition of yellow ochre.

I've also been looking for work...a few good leads have surfaced then been swept away. It seems that my boss is guiding me continually towards making my living with my talent. To that end I received an unlooked for contact which has come good...more about it another time, but it means I have an opportunity to join with other artists in my home town to take part in art/craft/ makers fayres on a monthly basis. The journey continues!