Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainbow Warrior - 37

Gradually managing to block in the sky...not sure I intended it to look like this, but hey!'s looking satisfactory. It's a shame that I'm losing touch with the blogging world at the moment....and if as a regular reader of this page, you're one of the dear friends of years past, I can only apologise... Face book seems to be all consuming... The truth is my life is changing...evolving...I find myself standing in unchartered waters...not always a pleasurable experience, but certainly one's eyes have been opened..and currently I'm at a happier and more peaceful harbour than I've enjoyed for many a year..unfortunately this means certain factors contained in this piece have changed their significance...( always a danger when a piece takes up to 6 months to complete!) .But as always...every picture tells a story...and this story is mine...and it's being written with each dot and day.