Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jigsaw - 64 - holiday snaps

It's very slow progress and bound to get slower with the density of the dots increasing with the darkness of the sky. However, I'm still maintaining my interest ! Most of you know that I've been on holiday, so I thought I'd show you a couple of photos taken around where we stayed.
We stayed in Porthmadog which is in Wales. It's a harbour town which originally was used as a port to ship locally mined Welsh slate all over the world. trains from the mines in the mountains would bring the slate down to the harbour to be loaded onto ships. The railway remains as a working steam railway with a comprehensive passenger schedule...the Ffestiniog railway is a major tourist attraction. Above, our apartment is seen in the buildings edging the harbour...you'll have to guess which one as it's too hard to point out, but below is a view from one of our windows which I took at about 6;15 am as the sun was rising .

Finally, here's a picture which my son Sam suggested I record. The board on the path proclaims "Weight Watchers Meet Here".


Vinoo John said...

The harbour town picture is awesome!

Devil Mood said...

ahha Donuts!
Hope it was as relaxing as it looks like, though I know that's not usually the case with kids.