Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jigsaw - 65

I've progressed the sky up the the furthest point now mainly to get an idea of the way I'm going to develop the stars. Another interesting effect has been the uppermost reaches of the tree...I'd only put basic dark blue guides in for the twigs, but it somehow makes sense to instead of having them silhouetted against the sky, to have them highlighted by some off scene light. I don't know if it'll work, but it's easy to rectify if it doesn't!

I'm off to the cinema tonight to see 'The Time Travellers Wife'...the book is one of my favourite's hard to imagine how it has been adapted....I'll let you know tomorrow what I thought of it!


Sue said...

Hey, I'm going to see that too!!!! You won't be at the theater in New Jersey, will you??? Maybe I'll see you there? No, probably not. But I'll definitely check in tomorrow and see what you think of it. I just re-read the book this weekend, and I hope it works.

Niall young said...

Sue...I live about 3000 miles away from your part of the world!..but if I'm ever in the same theatre as you...I'll buy the popcorn!

Sue said...

:) I know, lol!