Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blur - 19

I've started on the skirt to the left..I'm not sure how it will progress, but I'm hoping I'll come very near if not finish this tomorrow.


Devil Mood said...

It's lovely Niall, it looks very retro and her face has such a beautiful light.

Jeanette said...

I love the softness in this piece.

So what happens to her when she's complete? What happens to all your work in fact? Gallery fodder? Original sales? Reproductions? Do tell.

Niall young said...

DM..Yes, I suppose it is retro..good thing I say!

Jeanette...I will probably make a series of prints from the originasl which will be framed and appear at my exhibitions.I very rarely sell my originals as they take so long to complete, the cost I expect to recoup is higher than most are willing to pay..( you should see some people's faces when I quote a price!)This one for example would calculate at around £1380. A skilled wage is around £20 per hour, and this took me 69 hours to complete!I do realise that art is not measured by an hourly rate , but I have to use some guage. I therefore tend to sell my originals at much lower than i think they're worth.I'd love to write more here about how I manage my business, but i'l save it for a blog post as it would take up too much room here!Thank you both for your continued support and encouragement..it means a whole lot more than you'll know!