Saturday, March 27, 2010

On A Windy Night.

Over the last few years, you will have read that I'm an admirer of the wonderfully dark and surreal artwork of Julie Schuler.Her series of Nursery Rhyme themed paintings have always been amongst my favourites and are gorgeously sensuous and darkly full of symbolic narrative. However, Julie has also been compiling and developing a collection of illustrations which perfectly complement the story of Ludmila the Clown went missing. Julie wrote the story too which is now available via follow the link above just under the book cover and take a look at Julie's excellent 'My Good Babushka' blog.Then click on the link there to purchase a copy of your own.
Well done Julie...I wish you well with your publication and I can't wait till my order is delivered!


Julie Schuler said...

Thanks, Niall. You are my true friend.