Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Three Graces - 3

One character in the picture is this little lad..symbolically he's me, I'll endeavour to achieve some likeness at a later date. I thought you might like to see how he evolved.Below is a photo showing on the far left, the two sketches showing the pose I've decided to use. The drawing in the middle is the refined version I drew onto a larger piece of paper which included all the other characters in the scene. I then photographed this image and enlarged it(far right) so that it was ready for tracing and transfer onto the main page.

Below you can again the enlarged photo and to it's right, the tracing I made from it. Note that I have changed the direction the eyes are looking...the whole feel of the figure is changed when the eyes include the viewer in the unfolding scene.
Finally below, here is a view of the sketchbook page from which the idea came, it also shows a couple of alternative ideas With the boy standing ( I had also at one point toyed with the idea of having all the boys grouped together) further sketch involved the boy sitting on a stool watching a television...I have refined the sketch to a usable standard, but I'll bring him out another time as I have another composition I'd like him to be involved with some day.