Wednesday, November 17, 2010

White Ladies - 5

The day's work is not that apparent, but if you compare to yesterday, you can see that I've added deeper shades to her skin and buttons to her dress.What I haven't shown is the two tennis girls either side of her which have been roughed in..The complicated work on rendering the hands is looming ominously!


Devil Mood said...

She did get a tan from yesterday to today.

Dana Chabino said...

Man you have a LOT of talent! But, this picture will give me nightmares!
Wow! Not sure if I should close my eye's and stick my **** ** *** *****!
God that's spooky!

There again, lots of talent! And if doesn't Stir something within someone it's not art!
Good job my friend!

Niall young said...

DM..if only it were that quick for us!

Dana...Thank you for your comment.If you think this is spooky..wait till you see the finished piece!