Wednesday, November 03, 2010

White Ladies - AARRGGHH!

Guess what?...another day, another failure! ( Readers should disregard any hysterical and negative nihilistic vocabulary used in this post, but it's a means of release!) I hate days like today, I seem to have been wrestling with treacle and gas. I have a very clear vision of what I'd like to achieve, but the process of realising that vision is hampered by my total; lack of ability in doing so. Always just out of reach, the face of my beloved Tennis Girl is enigmatic and judgmental...calling forth a response. so far I've created a murderess and a goody two shoes....and I need to be happy with what I'm working with. It's a times like this that a real model, a muse with the special something I'm looking for would be what is needed. however, I'm used to spending hours sketching and re sketching...I know I'll arrive at the correct features eventually.

You see, even after nearly thirty years of  dotting, thousands of hours working, looking, seeing ( yes the two are very different!) and creating...the technique gets easier, but the representation of the content becomes harder and more complex. But sometimes I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up with a different life...maybe I could be a brick layer or someone in local goverment...maybe finances......but who am I kidding? I'm stuck with what I am and I suppose I'd better make the best of's a curse and a joy!

See you tomorrow with hopefully something better to show you!...or not....