Monday, January 10, 2011

White Ladies - 24

What can I say...I'm finding work incredibly hard at the's an act of effort to set aside the time to draw. I'm finding planning my time for exhibitions difficult. the main reason for this is that my wife works in professional acting and is increasingly called to work abroad...sometimes at relatively short notice..I can't plan to be away because there is child care at home to consider.So I often feel trapped...and an important part of my artistic and creative process which is actually showing my work and meeting people is very thin on the ground. so I tend therefore to develop self doubt and lack of confidence surrounding the reason and meaning to what I do.

I'm already committed to one exhibition this year at Willington...there are others I could apply for, But I feel it's vitally important to let you know that it's what I consider my job to support Jan in doing what she wants so that she might realise her dreams and aims.i'm here to make it easier for her and to look after the kids whilst she is away.