Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Ladies - 25

I feel I must make two apologies..the first with regards to my comments yesterday..it does sound as if i'm blaming my wife for the thwarting of my aspirations and ambitions...i'm not. I willingly give my time to supporting her. the second is to apologise to you dear reader that you have to gaze upon my awful deranged imaginings which have no place in today's art world...I like what I do...I hate what i do..but my dreams and my achievements are a million miles apart. Please try to reserve judgment until I finish this piece...it has far to go...as I'm sure some would wish I would do also.


Devil Mood said...

By now, we all know the meaning of a work in progress - I wouldn't worry about that.
As for the rest, no one said marriages were easy, especially when there are so many roles to play: spouse, parent, worker, artist. Very hard to find the right balance. The only way seems to be by keeping the dialogue flowing.

J. Kwiatkowski said...

It will all come together, I think.