Monday, April 04, 2011

Tables - 22

I started the day with a distinct lack of omph! You know the feeling!? It's that point when as a kid we say "I'm bored!"..but there is never ever any excuse for being bored. there is always something you can do ! With me, I need to either get out and do some physical activity or surround and bombard my senses with things that I've found to inspire me. so; comfy chair...ear phones...loud music and sketchbook. OK, so sometimes a bottle of wine or some other wonderful whisky or rum or brandy will be involved. But that is all...I once had a conversation with a friend's son who just couldn't believe that i didn't use drugs (Ok so alcohol and caffeine are active drugs, but they aren't illegal!)...I've never used illicit drugs or been offered them. In fact I consider it lame, weak and utterly foolish to use them. My imagination is a place of infinite images and dreams as it is..