Monday, April 11, 2011

Tables - 26

The worst thing about being demotivated is that one is inclined to spend fewer hours working ...this in turn means the piece takes longer to finish and become even more tedious.Not that I'm finding this piece tedious, but it has altered radically from my original intent. I found myself going through my original sketches for this composition and reconfiguring my concept which might mean I can executee 'Tables 2' at a later date. I also have a good series of sketches developing for a colour self portrait. (Doesn't sound like demotivating does it?)

Yesterday I had to make good use of the warm weather and get out to do some gardening. Which really only meant cut the grass and get rid of some overgrown Buddleias which were obscuring my Japanese Maple tree. Heavy physical gardening, hefting lawnmower about and sawing  and pruning  always causes my hands to hurt and tremble...which impairs my ability to do delicate and intricate dotting.This usually eases in around 48 hours and I can work properly again.So that was another reason for reduced time today. The good news is, that tomorrow I Should be back to full capacity..!


Devil Mood said...

Ah, I really wish I had a garden, but in the meantime I have tons of flower pots to water everyday as it is...
Good to know you got back to proficient work today!