Friday, April 01, 2011

Tables - 20

Worked a few less hours today...but was able to add more to the locomotive. If you're interested, it's a British Rail class 55 'Deltic'.So called because the engine's pistons were arranged in a triangular system which looked like a delta shape. the engine was made by the Napier Deltic company who are most well known for marine engines. At the time of it's manufacture between 1961 ( the year of my birth!) and 1962, the loco was the most powerful in the world. Built to pull trains up the British east coast between Kings cross in London and Edinburgh Waverly in Scotland. with a top speed of 100 MPH, there were only 22 units made which continued in service until the end of 1981. six examples are preserved in private ownership. They were named after Derby winners, a prestigious horse race and famous military regemints.The names reflected the pedigree nature of these machines.

For a boy trainspotter such as myself living in the was nigh impossible to see these beasts unless one traveled to the East Coast Mainline.Thus they achieved almost mythical status. Then to actually stand in the presence of one of these machines especially under the enclosed roofing of York railway station, you could feel the air vibrate and throb with the deep growling of the twin Napier Deltic engines.

By the time I was independent enough to travel alone, I had no money to afford tickets...then by the time I could afford tickets..they had been scrapped! Luckily today, six still survive and run on preserved lines around the country. I have yet to travel behind day! Below is a video curtesy of you tube which shows the sight and sound of  preserved Deltc 55 022 'Royal Scots Grey' leaving York station on 8th August 2008! turn up the volume!