Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day at Saint George's.

Big day for me...I've not done any teaching of art classes in schools for a couple of years. But thanks to the invitation if my friend Helen Homes, I spent the day with the children in year one at Saint George's Roman Catholic School in Derby. I had two classes each of 25 children. One class in the morning and the second for the afternoon. We explored the reasons why I have chosen my particular medium of art and then went on to produce some drawings. Hearing a whole class of 6 year olds frantically dotting away with their pencils was rather like being in a caravan which is being attacked by a huge flock of hungry woodpeckers in a hail storm!!

After the break we tried painting which is rather a suicidal move by anyone ho doesn't have a biohazzard suit, a voice akin to a Regimental Sargent Major and the leadership skills to match. but was actually a brilliant time! I'm sorry I don't have any photos to show you, there's all sorts of red tape and child protection issues to address for that.

The level of anxiety I felt in the run up to the day was certainly outweighed by being part of introducing some lovely young people to a way of seeing things and helping them to share the wonder with which I often look at this world with.

Back to the day job tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

hahahaha wonderful NIall, well done and I know they enjoyed it too.

KW said...

Wow! Bet they absolutely loved the 'hyperpointillisming' haha .. I have been teaching adults for a while now Niall and love it (English as a foreign language), but I really don't like teaching children - they wear me out, but this sounds like you really had fun as well as opened a few eyes to their creative potential .. well done .. {;o)