Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tables - 12 I'm probably the last person to go and see 'the King's Speech', but I did so today. Very impressive movie which seemed to be over very soon after it began, and left me feeling quite tearful but emotional experience.An amazing performance by all the cast, but obviously Colin Firth as lead deserved his Academy Award for best actor after a convincing and powerful performance. Jan is always reminding me that she was in a film with Mr. Firth a couple of years back. Jan was an extra in a film called 'when did you last see your father?'...scenes were shot in the Derby crematorium near Markeaton Park. Jan also likes to remind me that he spoke to her and said "Hello".

I've spent some time working today..i've completed the hands and the crow. I have also added more to the creases in the robes. I now have to work on another mock up of the artwork for the theatre poster...I shall hopefully produce the final version tomorrow.