Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tables - 2

 When ever I start a new picture, I work tentatively until I'm happy with progress. It's slow sometimes and you'd be forgiven for thinking that I'd not used this technique very many times before as I apply a few dots...sit back and lean froward to concentrate for a few more dots. I envy and admire the work of artists who have great patience and seek to replicate detail to the nth degree. It is only a matter of patience. I keep telling myself there is no deadline. just the pursuit of that which satisfies my vision and desires. Of course as the composition progresses, I become more confident and there are areas that do not need the level of concentration that, say, a face will require, thus the speed at which I work increases.

I'm quite jealous of who See's my work at this stage. whilst I'm oddly happy to share my work online here and on Facebook, I'm not happy to show the actual piece to visitors to my house. I can't explain the reason why. I suppose because usually those who come to my house are my close friends and very few of them actually follow my work online. Revealing a partially created picture to someone who is not familiar with the concept behind it's formation is rather like exposing feels as if it should remain a private matter until all the components are in place.

I know that those who understand art , understand the 'work in progress' and are able not to judge the piece whilst incomplete. But many don't....and I often feel that I myself am being judged....and I'm not prepared to argue my case until all my evidence is in place....I know what I mean, i hope you do too...I'm beginning to get a little self absorbed here so I'll end. See you tomorrow!