Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DreamPlay - Publicity 2

 I seemed to spend an unusual amount of time working out how I was going to colour the main image ....for previous  publicity work I've used pencil crayons which  related well to it being children's theatre. This time I have been asked to bring a more 'solid' type of colour. After trying a few ideas out on rough paper, I opted for using coloured inks, then to deepen areas or shade and add a bit of subtlety, I  used pencil crayons. Below you can see the finished middle section. I next need to work on the border area which requires a couple of uninterrupted hours work which so far I've not had today. Tomorrow (hopefully in between school runs) I'll be able to complete the piece.


Devil Mood said...

Looks straight out of a (good) children's book :)