Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tables - 8

I enjoy bringing an image to life like has until now existed only as sketches and imaginings.
So far I have spent just short of 30 hours dotting with probably the equivalent time on sketches beforehand. ..and it's got me thinking. Originally I have intended for a group of figures to the left..the Cello Girls..a Cancan girl and the Airman from a previous picture called 'Anyway'. I've considered limiting the picture to just this scene you see above. I'm not certain yet, but you'll know soon enough.

there's also one other thing I wanted to tell you about which has changed the way I work. Last September I went for my regular eye test...I go yearly because my Father suffered from Glaucoma, and it's hereditary. The tests has shown no sign of it but I was alarmed when my Optician informed me that he detected the beginnings of Dry Macular Deterioration...that's where the part of the retina which is directly opposite the lens is damaged and loses the ability to convey stimulus to the optic nerve.Sufferers lose their sight for things immediately central in their vision but retain peripheral vision.

I'm a long way from the full blown effects, but I just wanted to warn you so that you don't suffer the same damage.I have worked at my desk for the last six years in a south facing window...the sun blasts down upon where I work and reflects off the page. This is the reason for the damage to my retinas. I now have to work behind closed curtains if the sun is out...and wear sunglasses when I go out in strong sunshine. If I'm careful, the damage need not get any worse.

Look after your eyes...get them checked if you haven't been in a while..and get them checked if any of your close relatives have suffered Glaucoma or diabetes.


Tys on Ice said...

my dad had a slipped retina...have no idea how one can manage to do that...

u be careful with your eyes..please dont slip on it..

i love the way this picture is coming distractions...