Monday, March 14, 2011

Tables - 10

Ah! Such fun...i love playing dressing up. so today gave me the chance to do just that. Having been given two sets of clerical Vestments last year, it was only a matter of getting them down from the loft..applying a hot iron and setting the self timer on my camera to gain some important photos to work from. Above you might be able to see the lines drawn in for the creases in the Vicar's Surplus. this I was able to do easily from the photos I took (see below) and the shadows were in exactly the right place!

Please, feel free to laugh...there's nothing great about these photos..and my hair is all old mannish at the moment...I've decided to grow it long and enjoy it before it all falls out!
My leg is higher than required for the picture, but my leg was not the subject. however I did want to see how the clothing fell around it. One thing I found out is that it's impossible to have that much leg exposure without having to open the Cassock and lift the Surplus.What does that mean for my subject?...perhaps it relates to his arrogance..I guess for many years members of the clergy who had abused their place of trust within the community had escaped the law because of their profession.

So bless you for reading...see you tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

Priceless, Niall!
And I fully support your decision to enjoy your hair, it is very nice hair!