Monday, March 21, 2011

DreamPlay - Publicity.

 I thought you might like to see the process I go through when I'm producing a piece for a customer. I've been asked to work on an image that will be applied to hand bills and posters advertising a children's theatre production. The client provided me with a title, and asked for the image to include a boy and a girl waving at the moon in a star lit sky. So I had a little think and scribbled out my initial ideas which you can see below. I envisioned the children being seen either from behind in silhouette, or from the side with their faces picked out by the moon light.
 I then set about making some slightly neater drawings with added colour. 
I would then provide the client with these images as a starting point for discussions as to what they would prefer.

The client preferred the above image but wanted me to darken the sky and render the children almost black. thus I set about doing this in the image below. However, it quickly became obvious that although the ideas for the window and figures seemed to be working..the rest of the composition was too plane....and when posted on a notice board in a school or nursery it would blend in with all the other notices. so I decided to add some surrounding shade and colour.

Below you can see the further developed image with a sort of faded wallpaper was also suggested that stars be placed in the corners to add a little more sparkle. After more discussion with the client,it was suggested that the stars be glowing rather than in black. It was at this point I was given the go ahead to produce the final version. I had to bear in mind the various versions of text that would be added to the artwork when it has been stored on the computer.
 So below is the first stage  of drawing which is the mapping out of the geometrical lines and figures in pencil.

Below I have inked over the lines and erased the pencil. the image is now ready for colour which will (I've not fully decided yet !) will either be ink wash with pencil crayon over it, or purely pencil crayon. this I will decide on tomorrow morning when I can work in daylight. hopefully you will be able to see the finished piece when I next post!


Tim Young said...

Interesting Niall to see the process. it will be good to see the finished result.

Devil Mood said...

Love the sketches!!
I think it will turn out beautiful :)

Niall young said...'ll see it tomorrow all being well!

DM...I think it will too...and a big thank you for your donation ot Comic Relief, a nice surprise, I would have emailed but your contact seems to have you have a new email?...either way, let me know!

Devil Mood said...

No, it's the same old email :-) You're welcome!