Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tables - 15

After finishing the DreamPlay artwork, I can now return to this piece. I spent the day tidying various bits including the robes, the skull, the boys shoes and the bottom of the lectern.  I 've now reached a point where I have to make a big decision. I had originally planned for this to include at least three more figures to the left of this scene...I've begun to think that I'd restrict the composition to just what you can see here, but probably with the addition of a background of some sort.

Making this decision will be tough because I've always thought of 'Tables' as a large piece. I'm going to have a beer, a good long think and see which direction my sketchbook takes me during this eveningg. It's one of the benefits of my particular style of working in that I have plenty of time to change my mind and alter my plans!


Cindy Franseen said...

Looking great!! And now the drum roll as we await your decision. :) By the way...what does 'Tables' refer to? And what is the connection between vicar, crow, little boy, cello girls, cancan girl and airman?
Or maybe i'm being too nosy.