Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tables - 3

 That's it for now with this little chap...I'm leaving his sandals until another time because I'm not entirely sure what the ground is going to be like. So next, I started work on the 'Mad Vicar's' face...
 It's important to establish the major features first starting with the eyes.I read recently that when Seurat painted, he first established the deepest shadows before anything else.
 Below I've established the shadows and have begun blending them in and creating the hollows and highlights of his face. I wondered if i could find some suitable photos online of an elderly man's search lead me to a photograph of Mick Jagger!

My next major job is to go up into my attic and find the Vicar's robes we have...I need to photograph myself wearing them so I can see how the folds work...I also want to work on the Crow Lectern.


Devil Mood said...

So adorable. I love the texture of the teddy bear.