Friday, March 25, 2011

Tables - 16

It may be bad news, depending on how you look at it, but I've decided to go for the long haul...this is the area which shall constitute rest of the picture. If you're fed up of Tables already, then it'll still be in production in June!(you can see some pencil work behind the figures...this I've done at the end of the day after much umming and ahhing and research!)

Cyn asked me what 'Tables' means...I wondered when someone would ask! Well it has two is that my pictures are made up of fairly well known individual characters/objects...when multiplied together you get a bigger sum...(I'm not a mathematician obviously!)...The other meaning means you have to consider the influence my childhood has on these pictures. My Mother is significant in that she was an alcoholic for some time and behaved irrationally...i loved her then and would still love her today if she was still alive. One day she threw a large coffee table at me...I remember it in almost slow motion tumbling through the air towards me ...miraculously I held my hands up in time and deflected it away. As an incident, it has remained with me and I've meant to address it in my work at some point. I will no doubt refer to it again some day in a more literal way..But for now...this giant symbolic riddle will continue for some time!


Cindy Franseen said...

Wow...didn't realize my question was so 'loaded'...i appreciate your candid response.
I look forward to seeing how this piece progresses!

Niall young said...

Cindy...It's something I've been able to grow into with my work. I realised a few years back that certain aspects of my work were repeating themselves...I looked into the reasons why this might be and after much soul searching discovered that much of what influences me today comes from influences I had a s a child and as a result of growing up/parents/friends and family. I now seek to s=address these and enjoy them as part of my creativity and expression.It is also cathartic and therapeutic!

Pravin said... do u express shock and awe in a comment column?

how old were u?

your poor poor mother..

Niall young said...

Pravin..Thank you for your sympathy..I was probably about 11 years old. It's odd, but is common to many children who've lived in such circumstances that incidences such as the one I describe are part of 'the norm' brother and I endured some awful times and there are some things that still cause hurt mentally..but when it's all you know, then you put up with it especially when you love your Mum. you might like to know also that she stopped drinking a few years later. she eventually died at the age of 58 in 1991.