Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tables - 11

The photographer was drunk again!..I wish he'd learn to stand up straight when he takes his pics!...You just can't get the staff these days! the photographs I took yesterday have been of great help,,,the folds on the Vicar's Surplus are now more correct. tomorrow I'm hoping to work on the hands.

It really is an odd experience to sit day to day working on these images. I've been doing so now for six years and three months. and I've barely gone a few days without working on something or other.If you'd like to gain some idea as to the progress I've made, you should click on the link to 'finished Pictures' which will take you right back to September 2006 and the beginning of this blog.Doing this always excites me, because the difference in subject matter and the intensity of my work has developed...and I can only imagine how much more I will progress in another six years.