Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tables - 13 Doing something funny for money - Comic Relief.

Comic Relief is a British based charity set up in 1988 by some of the countries best known comedians and writers. It's aim is to support projects in the Africa to aid communities have better lives by providing mosquito nets, safe drinking water, better medical and educational facilities. Help for those suffering the effects of AIDS, Malaria, homelessness, malnutrition and exploitation.Also here in the UK, charity groups are supported to help those suffering domestic violence, the effects of poverty, illness and age related issues.The main charity event is in March every two years and features a host of comedians doing something funny for money. the public also help raise funds by buying merchandise and initiating events that bring in money.the last Comic Relief event held in 2009 raised over £61 Million.

funding by comic relief is distributed directly to projects here and abroad. Small grants are issued as well as more substantial amounts. Comic Relief does not give the money to large administration companies , but ensure that all the money you give goes straight to the relevant places. This year, Annie and I are having what we call our 'EXTREME EDIBLE HAMSTER STASH CHALLENGE' We aim to see how many things we can safely stash in our mouths. We're having a Marshmallow stuff, Malteser munch, Pringle pinch and Pickled Onion Packing. The four events will be declared a success if we can each hold 10 or more of each sweet/food in our mouths without fallout! I hope to photograph and video it as we do it.

Please would you consider donating via our comic Relief giving Page? All funds are donatable via PayPal or credit card and go direct to Comic Relief. you can give any amount from £1 upwards....interested? Then all you have to do is have a look at out page and follow the instructions. thanks you, and keep your eyes peeled for events happening near you if you live here in the UK.


Devil Mood said...

That's a wonderful inniative, Niall and Annie!
I see you already reached your target, well done.
I've always found the Red Nose Day a great way of raising money for charity, as over here it's usually people singing and not much else happening, not nearly as fun.