Friday, March 11, 2011

Tables - 10

My heart, thoughts and prayers have been wrapped up in concern for the people of Japan today as the terrible news and images were shown on our TVs as the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent Tsunami caused death and destruction in it's wake. I could not believe my eyes as events unfolded live. Gripped by an almost unbreakable compulsion to watch and reach out with my thoughts, it was as if by giving all my time and not missing the coverage, I could somehow help and be involved with protecting those who were suffering.
And then as if reminding me how small a planet we now live on, a Face Book friend in California voiced her fears over the safety of her two sons living down on the coast. the tsunami was expected to make landfall there hours after the initial earthquake. I have not heard back from my friend yet.

So once again, I'm making a habit of putting in less than the required hours each day I prefer to work. In fact it seemed stupid to occupy myself with such ridiculous notions as fetish boots and Neanderthal skulls. but you has to go on. One cannot (despite being thousands of miles away) be any use apart from carrying on...we do what we do...and we do it to the best of our ability. Weather you make cars, sell bread, manage hedge funds, clean toilets or care for the sick. we do it..we do it because that is life.


Devil Mood said...

You voiced my thoughts exactly there. One feels quite helpless in these situations. I still haven't seen any video footage though because reading about it and seeing some pictures was enough.

cyncyn1116 said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts...i can most definitely relate. I also had the bizarre thought that, not too long ago when Christchurch was hit, those folks in Japan were maybe thinking the way we are now thinking. Nature is so random with these events...

Minu said...

Niall - I have read so much about you on Preeti Shenoy's posts and book as well!Your mention that -That she is the star of India - I have no reasons at all to disagree! You indeed put it simple words.Yet with high momentum. Indeed nice of you to motivate a person and be there at the right minute(Just speaks tons of volumes about your humbleness). The posts, pictures and mentiosn about you, got me to your blog. Have been reading your thoughts/views in here and would say that Preeti was so true in writing about you! Hats off to you! You now have one reader, who looks forward for your posts, everyday!

@this post: Yes, heart pours out, especially when one can't do anything but pray