Monday, November 14, 2011

Spoonful - 1

This is the third incarnation! I had dreadful difficulty with the pinching nose thing so have had a bit of a rethink...the basic concept is still there, but with some subtle differences which will become apparent as we go along!

In other news, I continue to run and have embarked on a fund raising challenge inn aid of Children in Need, which is run by the BBC. An annual event which raises millions of pounds to support child and family projects thought the British Isles. My aim is to run a total of 100 miles in November. So far I've managed to run 50.03 miles, just over half way. If you'd like to support me, you can visit my page which is administered by Virgin Money by clicking here My goal is to raise £200 in donations, and as an incentive, for each person who donates £5.00 or more, I invite you to make a guess as to how many miles I will have run by the end of November 30th. the person who guesses correctly or who is nearest, will win a personally signed original piece of my Hyperpointillist artwork..! So get clicking and get donating!