Monday, December 19, 2011

Spoonful - 10

Having given up on the exhibition scene, I am lacking the contact with the public who are actually instrumental in inspiration and solidifying my resolve to produce the kind of work i enjoy. Therefore I'm finding it difficult to feel confident in what I motivation is lacking and it's rare that I am able to actually achieve the 5 - 6 hours a day I aim to work for. Never the less...I still have my vision for this piece, and I'm ready to move onto the next stage. Today I was content to lay down a little of the back ground shades, which are light and even, leaving potential for additional clouds and birds as I see fit. There will also be stars and planets in the sky!

The next big factor is to add in the other four cello girls who will be standing in the line! 


Devil Mood said...

Keep going Niall. As long as you still have that vision and inspiration, I think it will work!

Unofficial Stretton Eagles U8s said...

I work at Kingsway Hospital and just stumbled across a historical website about Derby Asylum etc. which had a bit saying 'the artist Niall Young was a nurse at Pastures until it closed', which led me to your blog. Brilliant work, but how do you do it? I wouldn't have the patience. All the best. Pete

Niall young said...'s only a matter of time!!!XX
Pete..Really good to have your comment...I did work at Pastures till the end 1993...also at Kingsway ! ( I was part of the OT Dept)...if you're on facebook, send me a friend request, !!