Thursday, December 08, 2011

Spoonful - 7

I had an interesting experience today. We were out doing the weekly shop in a large Sainsbury's supermarket ...the checkouts were packed and the shop was very busy when the fire alarm went off...staff ushered everyone ( there must have been 100 plus) out into the car park where we waited. It was odd looking into the shop seeing everything abandoned as if everyone had just walked out..which ermm...they had. We were all allowed back in soon after as it had been a false alarm...thankfully. you know, I even heard a few complaining along the lines of " all that for it only to be a false alarm!"...I just smiled and thought, if had been a real fire, we'd not have been allowed to finish our shopping...some people eh?


Devil Mood said...

Did you have to leave the shopping behind and do it all over again? Grr imagine having a full cart. Oops.