Sunday, January 29, 2012

An exhibition - By Tim Young

 I thought you might like to see a couple of photographs of my Brother Tim's first ever exhibition of art which ran this weekend. Tim likes to produce varied subjects, but majors on wildlife, birds it was particularly fitting that his first exhibition should be at the Attenbourgh Nature Reserve near Nottingham..

Tim works predominantly in pencils, but also uses watercolours and ink...and is seen here with his wife Wendy demonstrating his work to my wife Jan!

 The exhibition attracted a lot of interest over the weekend with over 100 people calling to see the works. Below you can see an examples of his work...the Kingfisher in the foreground is particularly striking!

I was especially proud to see his work since my Father who died in 2000 was a very keen breeder and watcher of birds...he used to tell Tim and I all about  birds when we were young..and it would have made him incredibly proud to see that the wonder and delight with which he taught us to appreciate wildlife had continued long after he had passed away.


Devil Mood said...

That's fantastic, congratulations to Tim!
I find it very interesting to combine love for art and nature in the same work. Some people are true specialists at portraying the details in Nature.