Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Muse-ic - 26


Gemma Parker said...

Where do you get your ideas Niall? I love to see what's coming next!

Niall young said...

Hi Gemma. Well, I personally don't have a problem with ideas. My major problem is using them all. I base the majority of my ideas on a variety of influences. I like to use a 'cast' of characters who form a sort of reperetary theatre for me...the Star Man, the Cello Girls, Tennis girls..French Maid..The little boy..trains, bridges, aircraft..birds etc..they represent various aspects of my mother's desire to be life as a husband and a religious love of music and sport...etc

I could go on, but we'd need a crowded pub with a selection of real ales/ wines or spirits to go any further and deeper...any clearer?