Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Muse-ic - 32

I 've now comleted the legs, feet and have three quaters of the grass finished.I had another interesting comment the other day..I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm an emmotional man...I don't mean that I'm constantly lurching between depression and mania in extremes...but I feel things very deeply..I contemplate things that move me and I hold things iin my heart for ages. I like to think i'm capable of deep compassion and sympathy ...but i'm also capable of holding grudges for a very long time. (I remeber all the books/CD's/DVD's / Keyboards and even VHS's that 'friends' have failed to return to me!)..I know that holding onto things is not the best course to plot as bitterness and unforgiveness tend to eat away at the soul. But I was  advised that to trust in our emmotions is wrong and should be avoided...I was told that they are false and misleading...that we are not what we feel.

This seems alien to me...I live each day by 'feeling'...I feel love...I feel happiness, sadness...mainly frustration and all the rest of the emmotional get the idea?...i'm a whole..feeling person in touch with my emmotions..and it is that very reason that I create the pictures I do...i'm affected deeply by my experiences and memories. I am not what I feel...but what I feel is part of what makes me what I's what you get when you get me!

I'm not very good at putting these things into words...but for the person who gave me the 'advice', I can only feel sadness, for to have a purely practical heart and an emmotionless soul must leave one very cold inside.


Devil Mood said...

I believe that some of us live more based on emotions, others on thoughts, others in more practical events. But it's an illusion to think that we can shut out the emotional side and it's even a mistake to do so.
Naturally holding resentment and pain is not immediately positive to our well-being but many constructive things can come out from our emotional side.

I remember many things that people have not returned to me as well, but it's them that are on the wrong, not us ;)