Thursday, February 28, 2013

Smokey Train 2 - Business opportunity...can you help?

I still enjoy putting my work here for you. My audience here however has remained fairly static for a long time. I also run a fan page over on face book which has a much bigger's also growing each week. my work is also available to buy from that site.

I'm currently producing work to sell as originals...I have an exhibition coming up in April and another one in aim is to have a good stock of work to sell....which of course they never do! But one has to try. i'm am forever frustrated by my lack of marketing skills. If i'm perfectly honest, it doesn't excite me...I realise that to make a successful business, one has to give all ones energy and time into developing it. I am primarily an artist who loves the conception and creation of art. I'm also a Husband and Dad who's devotion to his family means that my wife could not do what she does (doing the job she loves and coincidentally earning the wages that put bread on our table) If i were to dedicate my time to exhibitions and selling, I would spend a lot of time away from home. I'd not only neglect my children's needs but the domestic needs aswell.I'd also probably do even less art than I do now.

what i'd really like...what i really dream and pray for is either an agency...or an agent who will help me to develop a market. I'm absolutely sure that just around the corner lies a lucrative market for my work. i hold fast to my claim that i'm the only person in the UK producing the kind of work i do...unless anyone can step up and contradict me ( which of course i'd be pleased to have happen!!!) I remain unique...and in the art world, that is something that is very rare these days.

So I know it's a long shot, but if you or anyone else you know has the time/experience and desire to join me in business and help me, i'd love to hear your ideas. i'm sure I can ask anything else or more. I can't afford to pay anyone, but a join business partnership between us and also possibly with other artists might be an idea. Have a think and let me know.


Devil Mood said...

If you don't ask, you don't receive, so it's a good idea to put this out there. Who knows who might be reading?

(what a nice sweater you have on that facebook picture!)

Niall young said...

Yes you're right....(no replies as of yet!)

The sweater was designed and knitted by me! :)

Jeanette said...

Have you looked at Alyson B.Stanfield's website? Artbiz Coach

She specializes in art marketing for artists and has a book out on it too (which I bought). Lots of information and insight that you may find helpful

She also runs online classes too I believe.

Niall young said...

Thanks Jeanette...I'll check her out!