Friday, February 01, 2013

Tree'o - finished

Tree'o (2013)
14x10 cm.
Finished this at last. Was not really what I was aiming for, but it's pleasing never the less. I continue to produce a series of relatively quick , small and affordable pieces with which to stock my coming exhibitions.I'll make prints too.
Below is a little fun i had later in the day. I quite like little comic strip features, and I often use caricatures in my commercial work for posters etc. the piece below is a simple and mildly humorous sketch which holds a deeply significant personal symbolism for me ( of course!!) and was a reaction to a saying attributed to the Buddha.."No one can save us but one can and no one may..we ourselves must walk the path" I'll not go on about it other than to say..saving yourself , is like trying to lift yourself by standing in a shopping doesn't work...I've tried it!


Devil Mood said...

I really love both!
Above, the Moon is quite poetical and luminous and the comic strip has all the funny ingredients!