Saturday, January 23, 2010

The lion shall lay down with the lamb

The image of the lion laying down with the lamb is a powerful concept.The mighty lord of beasts, and the frail timid soon to be Sunday lunch roast lamb. The root of the imagery is of course contained in the Old Testament book of the Bible, Isaiah. The author writes about the lion lying with the calf...the lamb lying with the wolf. The Lion/lamb is in fact a misquote. I don't think however that the lion/lamb pairing is out of context with the Biblical passage and it's imagery.

For the purpose of my artwork however, I am not alluding to any theological least not consciously. My concept is a little more simplistic...I like contrasts and the apparent contradiction and juxtaposition of ideas...I like the iron and steel of the train...the age and bitterness of the Starman..the wide eyed nakedness of the Cello girls.The softness implied by bare feet..the harshness if the gravel... 'Quintadagio' refers to a group of five and a piece of slow stately music...placed in front of the train which weighs many tons and travels at great speed loudly hissing steam, a fire driven behemoth . light and shade...nature and man made....male and female...dream and get the idea i hope!

The more I think about it, I like the idea of foxes and chickens 'lying down' together....what would the off spring be like, i'd guess we could call it a 'Frickin'.LOL !