Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quintadagio - 51

I could just make my apologies for having not posted over the couple of days...but the truth is that following the funeral, I seemed to plummet into a dark place. Perhaps that's a little melodramatic, but I found myself not wanting or able to motivate myself to even consider picking up my pen. Today however, I did...the reason?....well, the sun's been grey and cloudy here with no sign of the sun since last Friday...and one sight of the sun made me feel so much better.So here's another fox!I'll not complete the lower parts until I'm totally sure about the texture of the ground beneath...the scene is set next to a railway line so that should mean gravel...we'll see.


Preeti Shenoy said...

Yes Niall--I really see now what you used to mean when you talked about grey days, when I used to live in India.At that time I could not imagine.Now i can so well relate to what you are saying! :)

You are tagged! A tag to chase away the blues and grays.Hop you do it.

Loved the foxes. Better than the women :)