Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quintadagio - 54

It seems to have been one thing after another this year! I last posted describing the pack of collapsing cards that was my families health...I soon followed ! Thank you for the nice messages, it wasn't food poisoning...there has been a virus...I believe it's called the Noro Virus or 'Winter Vomiting Bug', and it sure ripped through my's now moved on elsewhere thankfully!

The upshot of these bouts of illness is the fatigue the besets the body afterwards as it tries to recoup the reserves it has lost. It has been no different with me. So ONCE AGAIN my output in work terms has suffered. You know it really annoys and frustrates me immensely that I should have finished this a long time ago...Saying that, here is the progress so far. My little menagerie continues to grow, now featuring a crow. I'd really like to incorporate a Badger and a Hedgehog...but I run the risk of turning my picture into a 'Where's Wally' episode.


Devil Mood said...

I hope you're all doing better. Thankfully I never heard of that virus before, sounds nasty.

ahaha Where's Wally - I miss that.

Anonymous said...

great to see you back...who names these bugs? winter vomiting bugs...what do they get called when it becomes summer?

once again, its nice to know u guys are fine.


Shruti said...

glad the virus is out!
times like this I cant stop wishing we had foolproof antivirus installed in us ;)