Friday, August 06, 2010

HMS Pinafore artwork.finished

Here is the final finished piece with colour added. I've delivered it to the printers with details of the text to be added. Should look good when complete with text...I'm happy ith this.


Devil Mood said...

Lovely and fun!

Joe's blog said...

Hi! I'm doing something very burlesque!
Please have a look at my blog.
I would be very pleased if you like to follow my blog.
Please stay tuned for the finished painting and more!

maria louié said...


here can you follow me:

and I will reply:)

Joe's blog said...

Thank you for your nice comment! Painting on glass is a nice idea. Maybe I'll try it sometime!
Now I'm trying to draw this bra on my burlesque lady (it's not easy!) and my next project is Pola Negri. You know her?

Niall young said...

DM..I'm glad you like's supposed to be fun !

Maria...I'll hop on over to your blog for a look!

Joe...I'm not familiar with Pola Negri or Polish cinema ..but having googled her, I can see why you'd choose her..beautiful looks and the sort of almost longing tragic beauty which was emphaisised so well by the heavey stage make up used for filming. i love it...Alphose Mucha I think might have featured her at some point...not sure Louise Brookes is also a favourite of mine!

Joe's blog said...

You know her? Great... I love her...but there are only a few people who know or remember her...