Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three Graces - 64

2 hours completed today...I'm finding it really hard. I really can't begin to tell you how I feel...It's so pathetic anyway..there are so many people suffering around the don't need to hear my sob story. I will try tomorrow to do more.It feels as if my sanity depends on it at times!


Anonymous said...

I think that little bear is feeling the same way. Perhaps the poppies are zapping your energy.
I have dealt with a lot over the past four years, and I asked a mentor what he does when it gets extraordinarily tough. His suggestions were:
1. Tell yourself just 15 min
2. Get in the car and find a lovely spot to stop and just draw light. One hour quickly
3. Take time out to be inspired by all kinds of great artists
I have never tried it while working, but perhaps books on tape to take you to another time and place?
Wouldn't it be loverly if we could find the answer and bottle it up?

Jeanette said...

In the world of pointillism, 2 hours makes progress and every bit counts.

'it feels as if my sanity depends on it at times!' I know where you're coming from on that one. If I couldn't produce art, I'd probably end up in jail. :)

Sue said...

Hey, what's going on? I hope you are doing OK, having decided on a last minute end of the summer trip, or something cool like that.

Sometimes you have to put down the project you know you should be working on, and try something new and weird...

Let me know!!!