Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teatime - 71

Sat around waiting for email from my client re - Ruddigore artwork, but it didn't come so eventually got myself back into Teatime here..not worked on it since last Friday. It's funny, but even that short break means it takes a while to re accustom myself to what I should be doing. anyway..that done, I can point out that I've continued to work on the lighted windows of the coach...I've been working from right to left darkening the window surrounds as I go..perhaps you can see where I've finished work for today towards the last window where the paneling is suddenly lighter.


Devil Mood said...

Hate it when our work/plans are dependent on someone else and then the person doesn't follow through with what they promised. Sometimes it's not their fault entirely, but it's still irritating.

Niall young said...

It is frustrating, but I think the reason could be that I've given him two versions...they have never had full colour publicity before..but I've explained that modern printing methods using laswer printers mean costs arevery competative. I'm sure I'll have a n answer soon enough!

PS: Good win for Porto yesterday!